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We thrive on finding creative and innovative solutions to help our clients create their own visions and dreams.

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We’ve Been Building and Renovating Spacings Since 2000

Our Story

Chris Relling has always been interested in building things, regardless of the process used to build. And he enjoys the process of creating the most.

Chris, Owner of CJR Custom Made Concepts, began his career as a carpenter back in high school when he took wood shop and worked the summers as a labourer on residential construction projects learning the ropes. His desire to create and design started early and has always been a strong passion of his. If he wanted something he would often make it for himself instead of buying it. This gave him, early on, his ability to trouble shoot and improvise in any situation which he carries into his current work today. After years of learning the fundamentals of carpentry and furniture making through residential construction projects and working for an antique furniture refinishing company, Chris started CJR Custom Made Concepts in 2000. It was at the same time when he married his beautiful wife Lisa and began creating a family.

Initially early in his career, woodworking in any form was his passion, from furniture building to concrete formwork.  After 24 years of being a carpenter, he realized that he wanted to do more. After watching other trades working for years on end he realized that metal fabrication was what he wanted add to his skill set. And now, after six years, metal work makes up approximately 40% of his business.

Chris Relling Craftsman and Carpenter

Our Vision

To design and build using the highest standards of workmanship and materials in creating custom and specialized projects for our clients. We thrive on finding creative and innovative solutions to help our clients create their own visions and dreams.

Years Of Experience

What we do

Installations, Repairs, Custom Builds, & More

Residential Renovations

Whatever your renovation vision is and whether you require all of our services for your home renovation or only specific aspects, we will work with you and your team to transform your vision into reality.


We specialize in building a wide variety of heirloom quality custom furniture to meet our clients' needs. Whether the style is traditional, contemporary, modern or industrial, we can build it.

Architectural Millwork

We specialize in high end custom architectural millwork. We have over 30 years experience building from our own designs as well from the designs of our clients', architects and interior designers.

Special Projects

At CJR we think outside the box. We pride ourselves in our ability to apply all of our unique skillsets to create custom and special projects and thrive on finding the solution to create our clients' dreams.

Architectural Metal Work

We specialize in high end and custom architectural metal work.  Our projects and pieces are custom and one-of-a-kind and we tailor them to our clients specific asthetic requirements. 

Design Services

No project is too big or too small for us to design and create. We take our clients step-by-step through their projects from the initial concept to the finshed product while also offering design only services.

You're In Good Hands

We have 30 years experience building what we design. As well, we have a wide range of talent and years of experience to draw from in working with our architects, engineers and our sub-trades. Your project is in good hands with us. 

"We enjoyed the entire process of working with Chris and his team . What we appreciated the most was his ability to think outside the box and produce a really unique design. He has a positive approach and the workmanship of his product is superb . Chris is a problem solver and has innovative solutions that ultimately result in a well designed space." ~ Jillian and Rory Moore
“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chris for almost 10 years and he’s exactly the kind of guy you WANT to work with. He is a great listener, honest, ethical and prepared to make things right. He’s got a great work ethic and takes immense pride in what he does which ultimately means he always makes his clients happy!” ~ Jill Wiersma
"My husband and I have used Chris for small and large renovations in our homes for over 10 years and have always loved working with him. He has a unique flair for design and craftsmanship, whether it's replicating something we've seen in a magazine or helping us create something from scratch, his work is incredibly beautiful and "designer" looking. The work is impeccably executed and always with a smile. His love of woodworking and eye for style put Chris, in my opinion, one of the most talented artists in Canada." ~ Liesa Norman
”Our Contractor, Chris, was a pleasure to work with; he explained the process to us carefully and was able to employ the sub-trades needed to make our reno a huge success! His personality was friendly and he listened well. He took our ideas and made them an amazing reality! Chris was able to identify issues and resolve them within a timely manner, even if it meant coming over with short notice! For example, he came by on a Sunday night to fix something that couldn’t wait until Monday. He has fantastic contacts in every trade needed–each of whom were timely and friendly!" ~ Camille Shariff

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